Natural Abortion Methods

Women's Wisdom: Cultural Practices on Reproductive Choice

The Natural Abortion Methods site includes the following:

  • Details on a variety of herbs, supplements, and dietary choices
  • A list of safe and free to use pressure points, exercises, and visualization techniques
  • Information on what to do during and after a miscarriage
  • Warnings, Possible Side-Effects, Possible Interactions
  • How and When to Use Methods, How They Work and Effectiveness

Natural Abortion Methods Angel Access: For those with enough financial resources you may purchase direct online admission. This site offers more features for women with fast Internet access.

We wish you the best in your decision whatever it may be.

Natural Abortion was created under the free speech protection
provided under the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution.
We do not tell women what to do. We simply provide information.
Thus, any woman, no matter where she lives in the world,
has the ability to make her own reproductive choice.

Most anti-abortion priests and politicians are men. All pregnancies are borne by women!

This site is an eco-feminist response to the male-dominated political and religious institutions in the United States and across the world that make safe, legal abortion a crime.

Thousand of women from around the world where abortion is difficult to obtain, extremely expensive or illegal have visited this site.

Every day pregnant women from around the world write to us with heartbreaking stories of  unintended pregnancy.

Each method has been researched and checked by women’s health experts and pro-choice volunteers. Methods are kept current with regular additions and updates.

Choose Paid or Free access to information on how to induce an abortion:

  1. Herbal & Natural Abortion Methods. Details on a variety of abortifacient herbs, supplements and diet changes that have been used by women for generations.
  2. Abortion Methods a Woman can use Immediately. Information on pressure points, exercises and visualization techniques that can assist in inducing a miscarriage.
  3. During and After Abortion Self Care. Information on what to do during and after an abortion both physically and psychologically.
  4. Warnings on Unsafe Abortion Methods. Contraindications, Possible Side-Effects, Possible Interactions of the various emmenagogues.
  5. Detailed Private Abortion Information. How and When to Use Abortion Methods in the Privacy of a Woman's Home
  6. How Natural Abortion Methods Work. The Effectiveness based on Reports we have Received from Women around the World.
  7. Abortion References and Links. Additional Resources if the methods do not work and you need further support.

This website on Natural Abortion Methods is also kept current by continually improving and making adjustments based on women's feedback. Reproductive choice is your right and your decision as a woman.

Our effort is to provide safe, reliable and accurate information for women making an important personal choice in their lives.  This site is pro-choice including the choice of whether to pay for online access or not:

  1. Natural Abortion Methods Paid Access: Help to keep this website current and continually available for ALL women. Your payment gives at least 10 disadvantaged women a scholarship to enter the site for free.
  2. Women in Need: If you have limited finances please you can access this information for free after completing a confidential questionnaire. This questionnaire helps us to improve the site, gives us statistical data on the women who come to us, and improves the quality of the methods.

We wish you the best in your decision whatever you choose. As a woman, you have a right to choose what happens to your body. We are here to help you with information which supports that right.