High-Risk Pregnancies

31 Dec

1) Woman has a high risk of a complicated delivery This is not something that my husband and I ever expected due to my medical history. I have now been advised that in addition to the intense pain I am … Read More »

Women from the Southern US

24 Dec

1) Student seeks natural abortion I am 26 with a 4 year old in my last semester of nursing school I can’t afford another child and have no money for a abortion Age: 26 What country are you CURRENTLY LIVING in?: … Read More »

Women from Texas

17 Dec

1) Woman with two children seeks natural abortion We have two children already & husband just got out of the military so we no longer & do not have insurance yet. We can’t even afford to get our daughterstuff second … Read More »

Women from the Philippines

10 Dec

1) Woman with stress-related illness seeks natural abortion I am 31 years old and I got a son already. A year after I got married, my husband had an affair to another woman and left us in favor of his … Read More »

Women in Southern Africa

3 Dec

1) Young woman in Angola considering natural miscarriage I did not think that I could get pregnant the way that we had done things. I do not want to have this persons child. I do not want to have a … Read More »