Saudi woman seeks natural abortion

21 Jan

Wife with no support in the household finds herself pregnant again I have a 6 year old son living with my husband family traveled no friends husband prevented me from continuing my career , he thinks that any thing pertaining to … Read More »

Women from West Africa

14 Jan

1) Student seeks natural abortion Am still in school and struggling financially don’t have the capacity to care for a child right now Age: 25 What country are you CURRENTLY LIVING in?: Ghana What is your ethnic background?: Black/African/African American What is your … Read More »

Women from the Midwestern US

7 Jan

1) Woman forcibly impregnated seeks natural abortion I was in an abusive relationship. And was forced to have sex whenever he wanted it. He hid my birth control pills. He even flushed some down the toilet Age: 29 What country are … Read More »