Women’s Choice Blog

16 Jun

Welcome to the Women’s Choice Blog. This blog contains pregnant women’s stories from around the world. We get thousands and thousands of stories so these are only a select few.  You can search by by country and region or even by … Read More »

Ex boyfriend denies impregnating girlfriend

15 Oct

Ex boyfriend denies impregnating girlfriend but she is sure Me and my boyfriend at the time  didn’t think I could get pregnant right after I decided not to take the pill anymore.  We used a condom but I’m guessing it … Read More »

Pregnant South African university student worried about future

8 Oct

Pregnant South African university student feels her goals are in jeopardy  I came to be pregnant about 19 days ago, on around the 17th day of my cycle, after having protected sex. I have a very regular cycle, and I track … Read More »

South African woman rethinks parenthood

1 Oct
South African woman rethinks parenthood

South African woman rethinks parenthood after emotional abuse by father I’m 25 and thought I was ready. Until I saw the behavior of the father. The emotional abuse will be part of my life. I can’t bring a child into this setting. … Read More »

Pregnant high school senior at risk of being homeless

2 Sep

Pregnant high school senior at risk of being homeless I am 17. I am 5 days late with my period. We had sex on the day I was fertile. I did not know he ejacuated inside of me. I am freaking out. … Read More »

Woman drugged and impregnated by boyfriend

12 Aug

Woman drugged and impregnated by boyfriend  I was at a family party my boyfriends drugged me and decided to have unprotected sex leaving me pregnant , in a transfer Student in ________ my family is back in _______ having the biggest expectations … Read More »