A Woman’s Right: Reproductive Choice

Freedom of Speech & The Right to Information

The primary purpose of this site is to create a safe space away from all the voices, debates, politics, religious and cultural pressures where people can access comprehensive information in order to form more informed opinions and make educated decisions about one of the world's most complicated and complex issues.

The goal is to provide a more complete picture of abortion in the world today and through out history so that those who are in one way or another touched by this issue can make choices that are right for them.

Limiting people's access to safe, reliable and accurate information infringes upon the rights of the individual. Exercising our right to free speech protected under the United States Constitution we are doing our best to add another voice to the conversion. Keeping vital information about sex, reproduction, birth control, pregnancy and abortion hidden and suppressed because of your own irresponsible foolishness or inability to face your own insecurities should be a crime.

Because we believe that people have a right to information and a right to privacy we work diligently with the support of donations, volunteers and thousands of women who have sent us their stories to keep this information available for those who may desire to access this information at some point in the future.

A Woman's Right - Politics, Religion, Satire & Reproductive Choice

hello, i come from a very very religious family (mexican roman catholic) and my father is abusive. I am 17 and have no rights. I have no money, no friends who could help me and i have been used and forced by a young man my age to have sex. i guess it was rape but im not sure because i knew him and liked him.i cannot be pregnant, my dad will beat me to punish me and to get rid of the baby. My mother is verbally abused and doesnt have the courage to help me. I tried to tell her but she pretended not to hear. Without her husband she would have no on in america to help her live.
Hispanic Woman from Texas

Religion and Politics are two of the main reasons why women are denied control over their own bodies. The priests and politicians of the world have used this issue as a means to keep women in a traditional role.

For once women have true control over their bodies then they have control over their sexuality and that is what conservative men fear most . . . a sexually empowered woman.

Check out our Global Reproductive Justice Blog that highlights the truly international nature of women across the world being denied access to legal and safe abortions.

And finally, we also have an Abortion & Satire page because the Anti-Women/Anti-Choice zealots cannot have the last laugh as they continually try to deny women rights that would never be in place if men were treated in this way!

Abortion and control over her body is a woman's right. Men would never allow society to control their bodies in the same way. Imagine if sperm were seen as the equivalent of a fetus as 'potential life'. Men would be engaged in urban warfare if suddenly masturbation were made illegal because it was destroying 'potential life'!

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