The Politics of Abortion

Abortion Politics: “Pro-Life” is NOT pro-life! 

Many “pro-lifers” in America are Christian and Republican. While they claim to protect the sacredness of future human life, they do so by making criminals out of actual live women.

Paul Ryan is a pro-life politician even in cases of rape.
Paul Ryan; a pro-life politician in cases of rape

A group of fetal cells in the first term of pregnancy does indeed constitute ‘potential’ life. However, we would argue that they are not ‘actual’ life in that they cannot survive outside of a woman’s body.

The women who write to us are real living humans. Many did not even choose the sex that led to their pregnancy. Even if they did, they should have the right to choose what happens inside their bodies.

As comedian George Carlin sarcastically noted, despite their strong admonitions about the “sanctity of life”, if a baby is born, “pro-lifers” suddenly never want to spend the resources needed to take care of this new life.

Republicans: Pro Foetus anti Child

a) Abortion Politics: Pro-Life yet Anti-Immigration.

In many countries such as Mexico or Uganda, abortion is already illegal. One result is overpopulation. Due to US Republican restrictions on any family planning that also provides abortion, many women do not receive birth control information and as a result, have much larger families.

Women often have to forego their education and employment to raise their children. Larger families usually end up more impoverished for the simple fact that there are more mouths to feed. Many of these “extra” family members then take the logical step of trying to go to a country which is wealthier and does not have a high population.

Yet rather than welcoming these extra living beings into America, the Republican Party has some of the most restrictive proposals against immigration. Instead of receiving the abundant number of the Mexicans and people from other countries where abortion is illegal Republicans want to build a high wall to keep them out.

The world is full; plain and simple. To believe that every baby conceived must be born is to commit a crime against Mother Nature itself. The arrogance of mankind to think that only they have the most sacred life and thus are entitled to fill the planet with humans, to the detriment of all other life.

The most humane way to reduce the human population is to have fewer children. And the easiest and most ethical way to begin is by simply not having children who are not wanted by the women and men who created them. Let every child be a wanted child.

b) Pro-Lifers are Anti-Aid for Pregnant Women.

Aid is often cut from programs that would provide for having every baby born. The Republican Party is like a deadbeat dad who likes having many children as proof of his prowess but does not want to pay for them. Since the Reagan administration, every time a Republican government is in power, the aid for family planning groups providing abortion information is cut. However, there is no increase in funding for the extra children that are born as a result. The Republicans say they are pro-life but are against support for single mothers, prenatal care, post-natal care, paternity leave, and maternity leave.

c) Pro-Life; Anti-Women.

We actually listen to women. Since 2002 we have received thousands of stories from women around the world describing, in their own words, why they have an unwanted pregnancy. To read the pain and anguish in these women and then to deny them reproductive control over their body is to deny them their basic human rights.

100% of Men will never be Pregnant
Abortion Gender Politics!

Women who are seeking to end their pregnancy are doing so as a result of sex they did not choose. Whether by rape, drugs or deception, women are the recipients of unwanted sex all over the world. This is especially so in traditional patriarchal areas such as Muslim countries, Sub-Saharan Africa and South America.

Imagine being a woman who is forced by the law to bring her baby to term when she was raped. A woman who has to face and take care of her unwanted baby every day just because someone slipped a drug into her drink. A young girl taken advantage of by an older man who abused his position of authority.

Even if a woman chose to have sex she should not have to take on the awesome responsibility of child raising if she is not ready, just because of one moment of sexual expression. This is unnecessary and even cruel to the father, mother, and the unwanted child.

d) Pro-Life; Anti-Children.

Once a baby is born there is very little Republican or Christian support for welfare for single mothers nor is the GOP exactly generous when it comes to child health care and education.

An unwanted child is an unhappy child. In his book Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything, written in 2006, the author Steven D. Levitt draws a connection between the enactment of abortion rights in the United States to falling crime rates two decades later.

This is not only logical but also very obvious. An unwanted child feels their mother’s resentment. Sometimes a mother will get so angry she will even say just how negatively her life changed when she gave birth. This has a powerful effect on the child and continues up to their adulthood.

Abortion politics is simply that. Using a social issue dressed up as one problem, protecting the unborn, to promote another agenda, the control of a woman’s womb and thus controlling her ‘morality’.

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