Abortion Satire

It is not obvious that there is any humor in a subject as fraught with emotion as abortion. But one would be wrong about abortion satire! Especially when it comes to the so called ‘pro-life’ crowd there is much to laugh about. And interestingly enough, deep laughter can help to naturally induce an abortion!

Here is the master of satire George Carlin laying out with scathing precision, the absolute hypocrisy of the pro-life ‘Christians’ and the Republican party. This is abortion satire at it’s finest!

The Christian Republican Right in the US is very adamant about the need for less government control of people’s business affairs. However, they also believe the government should completely regulate a woman’s body!

Their hypocrisy is so complete, it is laughable as these cartoons demonstrate!

No government control of male health care just of women's bodies!
No government control of male health care just of women’s bodies!
Abortion Satire on Republican Hypocrisy
Abortion as Defined by Republicans
Abortion Satire on Government Control of Women
Source: US News “Michigan’s Shameful ‘Rape Insurance’ Plan”¬†


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