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If God were a Woman!

To control a woman’s womb is to control sexuality itself. Religious and social conservatives who claim a “pro-life” stance are typically pro-birth. They are often against birth control too,

However, they are nowhere to be found once women who carry these pregnancies to term find themselves in dire need of financial assistance and emotional support. Many Christians religions also oppose the use of contraceptives!

However, anti-abortion dictates are not only limited to Christianity. Muslims and members of other patriarchal religions also forbid abortion.

As with their approach to STDs such as AIDS, conservative religions emphasize negative consequences as a result of sex that takes place outside of marriage and procreation. However, marriage is not a guaranteed safety net. Monogamy has its own consequences, especially for women. STDs do not discriminate the way many religious extremists do.

Catholic Church and Abortion
Why the Catholic Church is so against Abortion!

Sex that is fun, consensual and consequence-free, goes to the heart of religious morality with most organized religions. The major religions of the world only condone sexual activity for married couples, with the intention of creating children.

Religion tries to control the access and legality of birth control and abortion as a way of controlling sex and women. When a society has control of sexual consequences, they have much greater control of sexual behavior.

“The global impact of the Catholic church’s antagonism to contraception has been magnified by the resurgence of moral conservatism in the U.S. The U.S. used to be the world’s biggest and most effective donor for condoms and other contraceptives, but Bush slashed funds for such services, and replaced them with ideologically inspired programmes proffering abstinence as the sole means of reproductive planning for the unwed.”

It’s astounding the lengths that religious anti-choice activists will go to persuade vulnerable women. Though the Christian religions has very clear admonitions against ‘gluttony’ as one of the seven deadly sins, it does not have clear words on abortion. Yet somehow Christians are able to reconcile “do unto others” with organized plots to lie and deceive when luring Pregnant Women in Christian Pregnancy Centers

Pregnancy, Abortion & Biblical Verse: The Bible is a lot more pro-choice and is much more  condemning of gluttony and riches than whether a woman chooses to end her pregnancy or not.

Female reproductive empowerment is absolutely central to any discussion of sexuality. The situation is dire around the globe. When a woman has safe and legal access to birth control and abortion, she is empowered and in control of her life.  However, in much of the world, even in countries that tout progression and freedom, that is simply not an option right now and in the forseeable future.

Disempowering women in this way is another tactic to control them, and keep them under the thumbs of extremists and misogynists. Male anti-abortionist religions are so threatened by the power of a woman’s sexuality and reproductive abilities, they will do anything to control it.

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