Abortion and Sex: The Control of a Woman’s Womb

11 Sep

Abortion and sex. Of course they are connected but aside from the obvious there are other connections between abortion and sex.

To control a woman’s womb is to control sexuality itself. To control her access to abortion is to control the sexual choices she will make in her life. This is why the issue is so important to conservatives. It’s not about the fetus rights. It’s about sex.

Religious and social conservatives who are “pro-life” are often anti-birth control as well. As with their approach to STDs such as AIDS, conservatives promote the negative consequences as a result of sex.

Sex that is fun and consequence-free goes to the heart of religious “morality” of most religions. The major religions of the world only condone sexual activity for married couples in order to have children.

The joy of sexual ecstasy is something that deeply bothers both religious and political conservatives despite the fact that it can be one of the greatest pleasures known to humans. And it can happen before you go to Heaven!

We created the World Art Erotica Museum to show that sexual enjoyment is universal despite what our priests and politicians would have us believe. People have been making love and getting pregnant since the begining of human history.

And also, since the beginnning, they got pregnant with both wanted and unwanted babies. As a result there have been many cultural forms of birth control and abortion. Abortion and sex have been happening since the first women got pregnant with an unwanted child.

When you control abortion you control sex. It the most simple political connection between abortion and sex.

We support the right of Any Woman from Any Country to decide whether this is the right time for her, based on her personal circumstances, to have a baby or not.

We invite you to be part of this effort.