Brutal Rapes Resulting in Pregnancy

6 Jun

Young Woman Brutally Raped While Out for a Jog
This year I recently started track and field. I work out at school everyday, but my coach told me that just working out at school, would not be enough. He told me in order to get better I would have to work outside of school also. So I followed his directions and started going for early morning jogs on Saturday mornings. One Saturday I was late going on my jog, so I went out around four- thirty or four-forty. I always keeps my phone on me just in case something happens. But it all happened so fast. This guy came out of nowhere and pushed me to the ground. He told me if I scream, he would kill me. He started rubbing his hand on my face and I tried to push him off again. Then he put his hands around my neck and started chocking me telling me to stay still. He pulled down my pants and forced himself inside of me while breathing all over me. I felt like It would never end. He finally got off of me and ran off. I remember laying there just wishing someone would help me, but no one came. I went home and took a shower because I felt so disgusted. I can’t tell anyone this happened because my family will show pity on me and look at me differently. I just can’t deal with all of this stress, It is too much.
Age: 17
Ethnic Group: Black/African/African American
Reason for Pregnancy: Non consensual sex
Consequences: Financial hardship. I simply can not afford to have a child at this point in my life.

Woman Raped Outside of a Club Cannot Get a Legal Abortion
I was invited to a party for the opening of a new club and right before it was over i walked to my car to get some extra cash to buy food and 2 guys attacked me atthe parking lot one had a knife the other one was grabbing and feeling on me i tried to scream but one of the guys put his hand over my mouth and started hitting me telling me to be quiet as he held me down his friend pullled up my dressed and raped me now its been 2 months abprtion is illegal here i really need to miscarriage im going crazy i have no money to travel for an abortion to a place thats abortion pro. I need your help
Age: 22
Ethnic Group: Mixed Race
Reason for Pregnancy: Non consensual sex
Consequences: Financial hardship. I simply can not afford to have a child at this point in my life.

Young Woman Raped at a Family Party
I Was Home With My Mom and some friends. It was getting late so u went to my room locked the door and went to sleep. The reason I locked my door was because I was changing inti my pajamas. Next thing I se my door knob move and I was telling them that this is a room not a restroom. The door was bring unlocked and he came right into my room when I only had panties and bra on and turned the light off and locked my door.then he started yo rip my clothes off of me and HR raped me. I couldn’t yell because everyone W’s outside partying and after that he left and I didn’t know what to do.
Age: 16
Current Country: United States
Country Born In: United States
State Born In: Illinois
Ethnic Background: Black/African/African American
Religion: Not religious/Not religiously affiliated
Marital Status: Single (never married)
Relationship Status: Single (not dating)
Children: 0
Consensual Sex?: No it was not consensual
Were You Pressured to Have Sex Through Threats or Intimidation?: Yes
At the Time of Conception Were You Drugged Against Your Will?: No
Beaten or Subject to Physical Violence?: No
Gang Rape?: No
Relationship to Man Who Got You Pregnant: He was an aquaintance
Were you, by your own choice, under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of conception?: No
Did you use ANY form of birth control? If so, which method(s) did you use?: I did not use birth control, Condom (male)
Does anyone know that you are considering aborting the pregnancy?: No
What personal consequences might you face if you are found to be pregnant?: Financial hardship. I simply can not afford to have a child at this point in my life.
What consequences might you face if you are discovered trying to end your pregnancy?: Disowned by family if they found out (forced to leave home or not allowed to return)
Is medical or surgical abortion LEGAL where you live?: I don’t know
Have you had a medical or surgical abortion in the past?: No