Pregnant high school senior at risk of being homeless

2 Sep

Pregnant high school senior at risk of being homeless I am 17. I am 5 days late with my period. We had sex on the day I was fertile. I did not know he ejacuated inside of me. I am freaking out. … Read More »

Women from West Africa

14 Jan

1) Student seeks natural abortion Am still in school and struggling financially don’t have the capacity to care for a child right now Age: 25 What country are you CURRENTLY LIVING in?: Ghana What is your ethnic background?: Black/African/African American What is your … Read More »

Women with Health Issues

10 Sep

1. Woman With Several Health Conditions Seeking Natural Abortion: I have numerous medical conditions one of which (indemetriosis[sp]) i was told would prevent me from ever conceiving. I was told that if I ever did conceive that I would never … Read More »