Connecticut woman faces abandonment by religious family

14 Apr

1) Single woman cannot afford to have a child

I am single. I can barely afford rent and food for myself and my dog. Then this. I’m Christian, my family frowns on children ut of wedlock and if they knew what happened… I wouldn’t be able to come home- see my mother or nieces and nephews. I won’t survive without family.

  • Age: 28
  • Connecticut
  • White/Caucasian
  • Christian
  • Single (never married)
  • No it was not consensual
  • through verbal threats or intimidation?
  • He is an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband
  • He does not know about the pregnancy
  • No
    • Condom (male)
    • Spermicide, Contraceptive Sponge or Film
    • Natural Birth Control (Rhythm Method, Temperature, Calendar.)
    • Douche (I washed myself afterwards)
  • No
    • Disowned by family if they found out (forced to leave home or not allowed to return)
    • Beating from the man who got me pregnant if he found out
    • Beating from my father, brother or other family member if they found out
    • It is too expensive for me at this time
    • The facilities are too far away for me to get to
    • I may consider it but I would like to try natural methods first