Dangerous Pregnancies Involving Drug Use

17 Nov

1.  Texas Wife Impregnated by Meth-Addicted Husband

I found out I was pregnant when I was 15 I married the baby’s father and remained married to.him.for 15 years had another child. He is 12 now fairly happy marriage other than the jealousy and controlling behavior from my husband up until.about 2 years ago we were building a successful business when he started using Meth. I knew things weren’t right but I thought maybe stress about a year later I started noticing large amounts of money being withdrawn and no good.explanation to where it was going but since I didn’t work.I.wasn’t really.allowed to question it. Started finding drug paraphernalia every now.and then but. Lies continued to hide what I knew was happening. Before Thanksgiving I also discovered he was having a affair with my friend/neighbor. This affair continued for 6 months while I tried to reconcile because I loved him and financial reasons also. He finally admitted the drug addiction but nothing really changed he lost our business of 7 years and became very abusive during the last few.months very scary he was never like.that in the last always been short fused but never laid. A hand on me until Feb and once he did he never minded hurting me after that now. I left in the end of march with a few exceptions of trying to reconnect every now and then. Found out I’m about 6 weeks pregnant I.have no money haven’t received a dime from him since Jan and trying to sell equipment and get a.job.

Age: 30
Location: USA, Texas

2. Student with History of Drug Abuse Is Not Ready for Child

Hello. First of all excuse me for my bad English, I’ll try to do my best to express this.
Well, I really love my boyfriend. When we started dating, we used to use drugs and drink alcohol everyday. I was so happy to find someone who didn’t judge me so bad, he was too.
I ran away from my mother’s home (my father lives with someone else in other place) when I was 14, so since then I’ve got homeless problems, like having no money or depending hundred per cent to others. All this time I was so lucky to find so many good persons who had helped me around the mexican republic. It was too good to travel around… but then I lost my job again because my boss wanted me to stay in his house and I said no and no every single time he proposed it.
I got very deppressed and told a friend I was lost in space. He let me stay in his grandmother’s house, and I was living there for almost three years! Only studying, without giving them any money.
My mother was happy for me (because I returned to university) and gave me some money again.
It was enough.
Then I met my boyfriend and they got crazy because he wasn’t of my “class”, he has no money, no studies, no nothing.
After six months, we gradually stop doing drugs and partying everywhere, etc. Now we live together, poor and happy.
And that’s the problem. I went to a clinic when I knew I was pregnant. They asked me if I had proof and I answered “oh, yes, of course” but I couldn’t afford even the pregnancy test in a drugstore, so they believed me and I had my ultrasound. So I found out he or she was eight weeks old. I got so scared, but after all the talking they told me it was better for me to have the baby, and do not worry about the consequences of having an abortion.
Then I went home and thought again. I cried, I was very sad because I actually want to have a family who loves me… I would like to have a baby but I also want to give him an oportunnity… I don’t want him to work since his childhood… I want to give him good education… if he gets sick I don’t want to wait three months until the government gives me an appointment. I don’t want to give him a closed doors life.
In the so called clinic they told me: “But you have love…”
“Yeah, but I can’t love anyone if I die starving”.
“Not everything in life is money, India is the happiest country and they are poor”…
This is not India, for Christ sake…
I see around and I don’t wanna live this way forever.
In the poverty line, hearing conversations about maids at the bus…
I am scared of being poor and stupid and abused and to bring someone to this world… I’d rather adopt a child or something, but that could be possible only after I finish my career and have an stable job, I think…
I’m scared.
I cry for help everyday.
And if my mom finds out she will hate me more than ever.
She didn’t take the advice of my father of aborting me.
She sometimes said she regrets that.
I’m scared.
I don’t want my baby to be mistreated because of my fault.
I really feel bad about this decision… I know it’s murder… but giving him a life of suckness would be even more sadic…
When I first told my boyfriend I felt pregnant, he was happy and he wanted to have him. Then I told him we were out of money, and what about my studies, etc… so he finally supported me.
And that’s all.

Age: 22
Location: India

3. Prescription Drug User Does Not Want Added Stressors of Motherhood

I found out I was pregnant about 3 weeks ago when I took a take home pregnancy test (5 of them). I have many serious physical problems: fibromyalgia, torn rotator cuff, torn meniscus, IT band syndrome, along with mental problems: bi polar disorder, ADD, anxiety, insomnia and a few others. I am prescribed to 3 medications that help keep me in balance and need to take them but they are harmful for a fetus. My boyfriend is mentally unstable and an addict and causes me a lot of unwanted stress. I just recently told my parents that I was pregnant and yesterday they disowned me. I was told by my doctor that I was not able to get pregnant and I do not want to have kids. I never have and never will want children. I feel that the people that are suppose to be supporting me right now are causing more stress then is needed and I want this thing out of me because I do not want to be obligated to stay with my boyfriend because of this thing inside of me. I just want things to go back to the way they were so I can finish college and live a happy child free life. Someone please help me!