Domestic Worker Seeks Natural Abortion

17 Sep

1. Filipina Woman Fears Losing Job

I am 35 yrs old and i cannot able to continue my pregnancy because the man who got me pregnant is married and it was too late to know that. He had a lot of responsibilities. He had 4 childrens in 3 different mothers. I cannot also support the baby in my situation here in Austria. I am domestic helper and i do not have enough money if i stop working and deliver the child. Please kindly help me.

  • Age: 35
  • : Austria
  • : Philippines
  • What is your ethnic background?: Pacific Islander
  • Christian
  • Married
  • What is your ethnic background?: Pacific Islander 
  • He is a friend
  • Yes, he supports my decision
  • No
  • I did not use birth control
  • No
  • Husband/boyfriend will leave me if he found out
  • What is your religion?It is too expensive for me at this time