Ex boyfriend denies impregnating girlfriend

15 Oct

Ex boyfriend denies impregnating girlfriend but she is sure

Me and my boyfriend at the time  didn’t think I could get pregnant right after I decided not to take the pill anymore.  We used a condom but I’m guessing it broke and he didn’t tell me. A month later I didn’t receive my cycle. Once I was 5 days late I took a urine test and it came back positive.  I told my now ex boyfriend I was pregnant and he denied it was his. He stated he pulled out on top of wearing a condom.  Me knowing he was the only man I was with crushed me. If my family found out they would turn their backs on me. I can’t afford a child at this moment and time and I will be out on my own with no help from the father.

  • Age: 22
  • Arkansas
  • Black/African/African American
  • Spiritual/New Age
  • Single (never married)
  • Yes it was consensual
  • He is my boyfriend
  • He does not believe the baby is his
  • No
    • Condom (male)
    • Natural Birth Control (Rhythm Method, Temperature, Calendar.)
    • Withdrawal Method
  • No
  • Disowned by family if they found out (forced to leave home or not allowed to return)
  • I may consider it but I would like to try natural methods first