Foreign Ph.D. student in Japan faces the end of her studies

2 Jun

Newly married university student seeks natural abortion

Hello! I am PhD student in Japan and I am married. I got married three months ago and I got pregnant in my first time to have sex with my husband. I didn’t planning it. Honestly, the life in Japan is so hard because only I can work part-time due to my Student visa. All my salary is to pay my university, home, services and food. My husband is not working now because only he can work part-time. Many places don’t give job to persons who cannot work full time and don’t speak Japanese fluently. So, if I have my baby, I need to leave my job and my studies during a time. Then, I will not have money to support my life and my baby. Really, I am afraid and I am trying to take the best decision. My husband said to me “don’t worry, I will help you” but he doesn’t have money and job. It’s so difficult situation.

  • Age: 34
  • Hispanic/Latina
  • Christian
  • Married
  • Yes it was consensual
  • through verbal threats or intimidation?
  • He is my husband
  • He does not care what I do
  • No
  • I did not use birth control
  • No
  • Husband/boyfriend will leave me if he found out
  • It is too expensive for me at this time