Frequently Asked Questions – Natural Abortion FAQ

Natural Abortion FAQ

1) What is Natural Abortion?

Naturally induced abortion is the act of using a combination of herbs, vitamins, massage, visualization and prayer to cause the body to miscarry or abort a fetus without mechanical or surgical intervention. The body itself is induced to expel the fetus.

It is safe and natural with minimal side effects. It is very inexpensive. It can be done in the privacy of home. No one need be involved other then the woman who is pregnant.

Natural abortion has a long history. The Greeks and the Romans had many herbal potions that they used for abortion. Many primitive cultures that still survive today have used natural abortion for centuries.

2) Are Natural Abortion Methods Legal?

The information offered in the Natural Abortion website are protected under the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution guaranteeing Freedom of Speech. Many countries have laws protecting freedom of speech. We take advantage of this right.

Our effort is to allow any woman from any country the right to choose whether she wants to have her baby or not despite any law. For we believe that it is immoral and wrong for any society or religion to force a woman in early term pregnancy to give birth to a child she does not want. It is wrong for the mother, the father and the child.

However, we make it very clear that we do NOT tell any person what to do. We provide information. But it is up to each woman to make her own individual choice.

3) Are these Methods Safe?

Our mission is to continually improve the reliability and safety of the information that we offer.  Most of the Natural Abortion methods in the eBook are safe and without any serious side effects. Where side effects have been reported we describe them. We also have a a Health Follow-Up Database of user responses that allows us to continue to improve both the instructions, side effects and effectiveness of each method. 

That combined with our own continuing research, feedback from health experts, women’s organizations and even “Pro-life” individuals allow us to be a central resource of information and support for women thinking of this important decision.

One important caveat is the Last Resort Section of the eBook. This contains methods where negative side effects have been reported. Most women should refrain from using these methods. However, we understand that for many women being pregnant brings its own penalties.

This is especially true in Muslim countries where the penalty for being a pregnant woman out of wedlock can be death at the hands of a family member. So for a Pakistani woman, using a strong herb with a a 50% chance of kidney damage versus a 75% possibility of being the victim of an “honor killing” is a viable option whereas it might not be so for a Swedish woman who is simply looking for a more natural private method.

4) Are Reproductive Rights Methods Effective?

Some methods have a reported effectiveness rate of over 50%. The methods are most effective the sooner they are used. So you don’ t have to wait for a missed period. You can start right away! The methods vary with regards to their effectiveness, the stage of a woman’s pregnancy, her general health and so on.

It is strongly recommended that you do some of the exercises and diet changes immediately if you suspect you have an intended pregnancy. 

These methods basically give you time to prepare for another option. For example, if you are a woman living in Ireland where abortion is illegal you might have to plan a flight to England where you can have a legal abortion. These methods will give you choice and things to do whilst you prepare your backup plan.

5) What if Natural Abortion Methods don’t work?

Our mission is to continually improve the reliability and safety of the information that we offer. We don’t recommend using the Methods in pregnancies of over 2 months. They are most effective is as soon as you even suspect you have an unwanted pregnancy. The methods of Naturally Inducing a Miscarriage are meant to work with in about 20 days. 

This allows you time to prepare a backup plan should the methods not be successful. As long as you do not use the Last Resort Methods you should have minimal side effects. If a woman is pregnant and the methods don’t work she will know within the first two months or less and she can still elect to have a medical abortion. 

Also we have not heard of of any reported side effects of any woman who decided to bring a baby to term after using the methods of Natural Abortion.

However, as we continually state, this site depends on the feedback of all woman who use this information. All feedback whether positive or negative is used to ensure further effectiveness and safety for women in the future who use it.

6) Can I really do this at home?

This site gives information to women who want to know about inducing a miscarriage at home safely and effectively. For many women in America where abortion is supposedly “legal” the shame and trauma of going through an anti-abortion picket line to get into the clinic is simply too much.

Women in Muslim or Catholic countries do not even have a clinic to go to. In fact many women cannot even tell their family or best friends what is happening to them because they face such severe penalties. So a woman can use this website alone.

However, this information is not meant to eliminate your your health care provider who should optimally be your ally in this process and support you through it. If not, we suggest you seek another health practitioner to work with who is more supportive.

7) Can I use these Methods for Birth Control?

We do not recommend it. The Natural Miscarriage eBook does not intend to remove your responsibility in preventing pregnancy. Obviously birth control is most important since not getting pregnant is the best way to avoid abortion. This is why why have also created the sister website: EcoSensual Natural Birth Control.

8) I have a particular question about my situation. Can I contact you directly for abortion advice?

We provide information that is protected under freedom of speech laws but we cannot DO anything simply because that would open us up to the charge of being a “clinic”.

Let us be clear. We are NOT a virtual abortion clinic. We are a social enterprise providing data and information to allow a woman to make her own choice on whether to terminate a pregnancy.

Over 600 women a day visit our site so we have to be careful as we continue to grow. There are many who do not want women to receive this information and would use any excuse to try to shut this site down. So we cannot give any personal advice or directly perform any service that could be construed as helping someone induce a miscarriage.

Our mission  is to provide information that empowers women to make their own informed choice. We are not here to tell any women what choice to make. That is her choice.

Please note that we cannot answer personal questions directly. However, we update the Natural Abortion FAQ with questions that we receive.

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