High-Risk Pregnancies

31 Dec

1) Woman has a high risk of a complicated delivery

This is not something that my husband and I ever expected due to my medical history. I have now been advised that in addition to the intense pain I am experiencing, the pregnancy is extremely high risk. My doctor has suggested a medical abortion but I would really prefer to try a natural method. My husband and I have discussed this a lot and the stress of this pregnancy is really taking a toll on both of us emotionally as we cannot tell anyone as our families both strongly disagree with abortion and believe that people have no right to choose to terminate a pregnancy. We are essentially eachother’s support network but each of hold back because we don’t want to hurt the other…this is the hardest decision we’ve ever had to make and it is certainly not made lightly. I know that we are not alone is this feeling and that I am fortunate to have my husband but it’s really feels like I’m alone in this.

  • Age: 33
  • Ethnic Group: White/Caucasian
  • Religion: Not religious/Not religiously affiliated
  • Birth Control Used: Condom (male), I was told by my doctor I couldn’t get pregnant
  • Consequences: Disowned by family if they found out (forced to leave home or not allowed to return), Stigma attached to abortion

2) Abused woman with advanced age seeks natural abortion

My age and medical problems do NOT support a pregnancy, neither do I want to be bound by a child to a husband that threatened to kill me, I tried to run but failed, hunted down as a wild animal by his allies, the local medical staffs are allies too and inform him on every approach for abortion there. Trying to run again, but then that MUST be without his child! Now I want a life.

  • Age: 50+
  • White/Caucasian
  • Not religious/Not religiously affiliated
  • It’s Complicated!
  • Yes it was consensual
  • through verbal threats or intimidation?
  • He is my husband
  • He does not know about the pregnancy
  • No
  • I did not use birth control
  • No
  • Death at the hands of the man who got me pregnant if he found out
  • The medics in local hospital are affilliated with husband

3) Woman afraid to give birth after c-section

I was told with my last child if I was to get pregnant again it would not be good. I had severe damage after my c section and was told it would not hold and could possibly bust.

  • Age: 32
  • Oklahoma
  • White/Caucasian
  • Not religious/Not religiously affiliated
  • Single (never married)
  • 3
  • Yes it was consensual
  • He is my fiancé
  • Yes, he supports my decision
  • No
  • Birth Control Pill, Patch or Ring
  • Yes
  • I would rather not have a medical or surgical abortion