Homeless Pregnant Women

1 Dec

1. Homeless Woman with History of Domestic Abuse Cannot Care for Another Child

after i had my 1st child the father was very inactive. he started using drugs bad mistreating me always be littling me started putting hands on me to the point i ended up having to run 4 my life. Our daughter was 8 going on 9 months. I was a stay at home mom, so when we went to jail and bailed out he had moved out on me moving in with his mother. He took our baby from me 4 a whole month till we went to court cause he got a restring order on me sying I was a danger to my daughter which could’nt have been futher from the truth. If anything he was, i caught him passed out 3 or 4 times when I came home to our baby screaming bloody murder, once when she was only 4months, as he is right next to her snoring. When he took he I fell into a serious deppression. honestly it seems he has some curse on me, Which could be possiable cause his grandma is considered a witch. Cause sence then things have’nt been getting much better no matter how hard i try. now im homeless here in southern california with no family or really any friends. Plus to get my daughter back ive got to do alot starting with sewing the county cause the father and mediator know each other, plus I need a job and home. to give an example of my luck my truck broke down, all my important thing plus id phone anything of vaule was stolen and believe it or not recently my daughters father got in a fight while he was driving and he gave me that same look the nigh i ran 4 my life so i jumped out he was going really slow and i thought id be ok like as if it would be like jumping off a mary-go round but boy i was wrong, he ran me over. Then was only conserinded about being at work on time.I am a self sacfice right now in many ways and put up with alot of verbal and physical abuse just to be able to have a place to stay and most importantly to be able to be close to my daughter. This man is a demon if they exist and has and is doing anything and everything to keep us apart. He takes he to day care alot and every time i ask to spend the day with her the answer is no. I ask why and the answer is always cause he said so.Just last night he said Ill never get he back. Serious control issues. I will never have a kid with this man again and I feel like a fool to be pregant by him again. But theres more to the story that is too personal but all I can say Is all the abuse is worth taking if it means I can be there for her as much as he’ll allow me to be.

Age: 20
Location: USA, California
Religion: Christian

2.  Teen Faces Possibility of Homelessness with Unintended Pregnancy

My boyfriend and I love each othe very much as we have been dating for almost 3 years and met almost 4years ago. Up until now we have had safe sex with the exception of 2 times. Those times I didn’t get pregnant but I believe that I am now. My boyfriend has said that we will always be by my side and is looking for a job to help support us. We haven’t told anyone about the pregnancy. I want to have an abortion not because I don’t want the baby or don’t care about it, but simply because at the age my boyfriend and I are, what type of life would we be able to provide for it. Also, we would both likely be kicked out of our homes. I cannot have that for my boyfriend. I love him so much and I know he doesn’T want either one of us to be homeless. So please humor me. It was a heat of the moment event. We believe that we are addicted to sex and are planning to attend counseling. This is why we couldn’t stop after the first two pregnancy scares.

Age: 16
Location: USA, North Carolina
Religion: Not Religiously Affiliated

3. Pregnant Woman in Texas is Living In a Car

my family kicked me out and and I’ve been sleeping in my car since dec 2011 with my 3 dogs.My ex boyfriend and i have been friends for 7 years and we use contraceptive all the time ..during the time we’ve been together are contraceptive have busted 8 times but I never got pregnant over the years….I went to the doctor and they said it was jus gas because my stomach swoll up and we have constipation history in my family…so my grandmother notice that it didnt go down all the way and made take a test and it said i was pregnant so she told me i had a week to find a job or i had to leave …i still havent found a job so ive been tring to donate plamsa to save up but my Ahlpa 1 & 2 got really low so they wouldnt let me donate any more its summer time now and im still looking for a job. my ex tries to help as much as he can but he doesnt make enough money to really help cuz he has his own fanancial promblems and is on the verge of being put out as well please help..

Age: 26
Location: USA, Texas
Religion: Christian

4. Homeless Woman in South Carolina Seeking Natural Abortion: 

I am 24 years old, I have had 4 children already starting at the age of 14! I have 3 boys, & had one girl, but lost her unexpected. I had 2 weeks left before she was due! Her cord was wrapped around her neck three times & she also had a knot in the cord! I found out i was pregnant this time 3 months after her loss & I’m pregnant by the same guy that i lost my little girl with! I’m currently homeless with no place to call home, I stay where I can & i don’t think that is no shape form or fashion to bring a baby into the world under those circumstances!!! I do not have my 3 boys…. My 10 & 5 year old are adopted by other families (none of mine or thier fathers) I’m just not in any type of position to carry another baby! This would be my 5th child I’m only 24 & my body just can’t handle it either!! My living arrangements are my major concern about this whole pregnancy & my family are unsupportive this time because I got pregnant by the same guy & they do not like because he was distant from the funeral & they feel like he just doesnt treat me like i should be treated!! I’m really looking for an enexspensive way to terminate the pregnancy before it gets too late!! I’m already 14 weeks, & too much time has passed already, but I’ve been so confused about what to do, but I’ve been losing sleep trying to figure out what to do, & i’ve finally come to a conclusion!! I just need to go ahead & terminate the pregnancy… I know that’s what’s best for me & in the long run the baby as well!! I can’t go through another pregnancy & giving the child up for adoption!!

  • Age: 24
  • Ethnic Group: White
  • Religion: Christian – Protestant
  • Have you confirmed that you are pregnant? Yes, at a doctor’s office.
  • Have you missed your period yet? Yes
  • How long has it been since your period was due? More than 12 weeks.
  • Is this unwanted pregnancy the result of consensual sex? Yes it was consensual.
  • What is your relationship to the man who got you pregnant? He is my boyfriend.
  • What methods of birth control did you use if any? I did not use birth control.
  • Does the man who got you pregnant support your decision to have a miscarriage? Yes. He supports my decision.
  • What personal consequences might you face if you are found to be pregnant? Financial hardship. I simply can not afford to have a child at this point in my life.
  • What consequences might you face if you are discovered trying to end your pregnancy? No serious penalties
  • What are your reasons for not choosing to have a medical or surgical abortion? It is too expensive for me at this time, The facilities are too far away for me to get to, I would rather not have a medical or surgical abortion
  • Have you had a medical or surgical abortion in the past? No