International Comparison of Female Rights, Abortion Rights and Male Violence

11 Aug
International Comparison showing connection between female equality and reduced violence.
Where women have more rights, men are less violent . . .


  1. For latest maps on the most violent and peaceful countries go to Global Peace Index.
  2. For a more recent report on women’s equality status around the world go to The Global Gender Gap Report 2011.
  3. For the most recent report on abortion legality around the world go to World Abortion Laws Map.

As can easily be seen, the countries where women’s rights have advanced the least in the last 50 years, such as the Muslim majority countries and Africa are also some of the most violent and aggressive places on earth. These also tend to the countries where a woman’s right to safe legal abortion is very rare.

In countries where women’s status has improved over the last 50 years there is much less violence as measured in the index.

Likewise in countries where women have greater access to safe and legal abortion.

The implication is obvious. When women have more rights and control over their fertility they tend to have fewer unwanted children and more wanted children.  Wanted children by every measure are much less prone to violence and negative social behaviors.

As well, when women have little or no control over their fertility they simply have many more children. This acts as a huge strain on a country’s resources. As a result, with less resources and more mouths there is often violent competition for land and resources.

Male violence is most assuredly connected to female emancipation. In other words, to reduce male violence one must liberate women!