After Care

“One must be fully aware of every act in one’s life, the act of conception no less than the act of abortion. But when, after profound prayer and consideration, there is a need to terminate a pregnancy, it is not an unforgivable act. If it is done with willingness to learn, it becomes a useful act. Remember, I am speaking from the world of Spirit and I know that no soul is ever destroyed… Should one feel guilt? No. Concern? Yes. Responsibility? Absolutely, as well as compassion and willingness to see the need behind that unfortunate act… In any manner it is perceived, it is a loss… if this act is used for growth, if it opens the way for you to find your own meaning, your own needs, your own truth and beingness, then it is a gift.”

– quote from Emmanuel’s Book in regard to abortion

Make peace with your higher power, God, or whatever you believe in and ask for strength, forgiveness, and guidance to allow this miscarriage. Many women have reported that our “Speaking to the Spirit” Visualization/Prayer helped them make peace with their choice.

Speaking to the Spirit: In your mind’s eye imagine the spirit connected to the embryo. Speak to the spirit, out loud or in your mind or even in writing if it helps you to focus, let it know that it was not your intention to become pregnant at this time.

Tell the spirit that you are not ready or do not desire to take on the responsibility of raising a child. That you are not prepared to provide for it in the way it needs and deserves to be cared for.

Let the spirit know that it has come to you too soon and that it should come back at another time or that it has come to the wrong woman and should go a woman who is seeking to have a child. Tell the spirit that there are many women who would gladly welcome a new spirit into their family.

Tell the embryo to leave your body at once and to seek another woman who wants children. Send it on its way with compassion and a firm resolve to end this pregnancy. Feel the release.

Tell yourself and the embryo that you have the right to have sexual pleasure without fear of pregnancy and the burden of raising a child.

This procedure will help clear yourself of any ambiguities that you may hold in regard to ending your pregnancy. It also gives the spirit of the embryo a sense of direction and a place to go without being totally rejected. It can give you a sense of peace and completion that the spirit has been sent to somewhere it is wanted.

Ceremonies can commemorate, honor and heal.

Too often when an unborn child is lost, the grieving of parents or would-have-been parents is invisible to the rest of community; there is no funeral or other occasion to acknowledge the pain. And yet a ceremony can bring tremendous healing and a sense of closure that the heart can hold and manage. Here are some ideas to hold a ceremony that will have meaning and healing for the delicate situation.

You can begin by acknowledging  the existence of the life and appreciation that our bodies are able to create.Enter this compassionate and gentle healing space to alleviate distress, sadness, shame, and grief; laying the path to self-forgiveness. The soothing salve of The Great Mother enables the psyche’s natural healing process to unfold.

  •      * You can light a candle
  •      * Plant a tree or flowers
  •      * Sing or play a song

Thank your body for having the ability to create. You may give that life a name or gender and thank the life for its creation as well. You may express the challenges you are facing, the difficult reasons for making your choices.

We all came from and are a part of the earth; we have various cycles when we come home to her.Take a few conscious deep breaths and imagine life being welcomed, held and comforted by her. Feel Earths nurturing, accepting and supporting life and death, providing endless opportunities to cycle and flourish again. Imagine life crossing rivers and oceans to new lands and different cycles. Imagine yourself peacefully saying farewell.

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One of the most healing/restorative practices is a Hawaiian technique called Ho’oponopono. Say this mantra as many times as needed

  • ~I love you
  • ~Thank you
  • ~Im sorry
  • ~Please forgive me
  • – you may also add… I forgive

Learning To Trust Again

If you had an abortion, or feel your miscarriage was due to you not wanting a child at that point; try to re-connect with the wisdom of your intuition and original decision. Trusting yourself again and your intuition will be key to restoring your core strength.

A beautiful way to connect with this is to walk in nature with the intention to trust yourself. Putting your hands on a tree will anchor you into the earth, helping you fully back into your body. You can also observe Creations ability to self-renew as you walk through the woods.