– Acupressure Points

In ancient Chinese medicine, key tender spots on the body are associated with certain organs and energies. It is believed that through acupuncture or pressure these points can be stimulated to help bring the body systems into balance.

acupressure abortofacient
acupressure abortofacient

A series of these points have been linked to stimulating labor and inducing miscarriage in pregnant women. The Uterus and Ovary Reflex near to the ankle has been reported to be particularly effective in inducing miscarriage.

It requires deep sustained pressure and also the actual. Intent on the part of the practitioner to effect a miscarriage using these points.

WARNING LEVEL: Low-Risk Method

UTERINE &/or HORMONAL EFFECTS: Contracts Uterus,


  • Uterus and Ovary Reflex: The uterus reflex and the ovary reflex are located on either side of the heel, one on the inside surface and one on the outside surface. They are just below the ankle bone, and between the ankle bone and the heel of the foot.
  • Spleen 6: Spleen 6 is located 2-3 inches above the ankle bone, on the inside of the leg.
  • Spleen 10: Spleen 10 is located about three inches above the knees, on the inside of the leg.
  • Liver 3: Liver 3 is located between the first and second tarsal bones on top of the foot, about an inch past the gap between the toes (going toward the ankle).
  • Large Intestine 4: Large Intestine 4 is located between thumb and forefinger, in the fleshy part just above the knuckle of the first finger.
  • Kidney 1: Kidney 1 is on the sole of the foot, about on the midline vertically, and just below the level of the ball of the foot.

POSSIBLE SIDE-EFFECTS: Very few side effects reported.