– Laughter

Laughter is one of the best natural medicines in this world. Laughter causes your body to relax and most important releases the chemicals that take the role of natural painkillers.

Source: US News "Michigan's Shameful 'Rape Insurance' Plan" 2013/12/13
Source: US News “Michigan’s Shameful ‘Rape Insurance’ Plan” 2013/12/13

Enough uncontrollable laughter has greater potential to release more chemicals such as endorphins, allowing the body to relax and release stress. In combination with uterine massage and stretching, laughter can be a key part of a successful natural miscarriage.

Abortion as Defined by Republicans
Abortion as Defined by Republicans

Recent researches done using pain thresholds revealed that people who have experienced belly laughs have higher ability to withstand pain up to more than 10% that of the normal person. Strong, deep belly laughs can shake the uterus and laughing also does wonders for the heart and the soul.

While abortion may not be very funny it can actually be quite comical to view the lengths that male priests and politicians will go to control a woman’s womb! Of course, we’re talking about dark comedy because it’s actually insane that men have such power over a woman’s body.

In fact, as one legislator did in jest imagine if the tables were reversed and ‘every sperm was sacred’ and a potential child. In other words if we were to outlaw oral sex, anal sex, and masturbation. Imagine how men would react!?

No government control of male health care just of women's bodies!


WARNING LEVEL: Low-Risk Method

UTERINE &/or HORMONAL EFFECTS: Contracts Uterus.

INSTRUCTIONS: Watch as many funny shows or comedy events as you can 🙂

POSSIBLE SIDE-EFFECTS: Stress Reduction, Happiness and Relaxation