– Visualization Techniques

Visualize being part of nature.
Visualize being part of nature

Visualization techniques are used the world over in various traditions to help to focus the mind. Taking the time to set an intention can help to bring clarity and ultimately piece of mind, especially when having to make complex and emotion decisions.

The Visualization method is by far one of the most popular methods on this site based on user feedback. Hundreds of women have reported the beneficial effects of utilizing these techniques.

Take a look through the list of various options presented below and choose one that resonates with you. Find a quiet comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed to sit or lay down. Take three deep relaxing breaths deep into you belly to relax your body and your mind before beginning the visualization of your choice.

If possible, you might want to even try doing this visualization activity with a family member or trusted friend for support. Together, the two of you can communicate what you are visualizing to increase the detail of the visualization.


Feeling the Flow

Tune into your body. Breathe a few breaths deep into your belly. Bring your awareness downward towards your lower belly, the area where your uterus is located. Place your hands here, perhaps even pressing in slightly with your fingers on your lower belly, to bring your focus to this area of your body.

Feel any aches in this area and in your lower back, allow the sensation of the cramping to magnify. Then feel heat radiating from the area around your lower belly all the way out to your hips and extending into your back.

Bring your attention now all the way to the top of your head feel all the energy in your body from the top drawing in and down towards your lower belly and releasing out down between your legs.

Imagine red menstrual blood coming out from your vaginal canal. Allow yourself to feel as though you are having your period. Repeat to yourself… release, release, release. Do this either out loud or in your mind and at the same time imagine yourself releasing, feel it in your entire body.

When you look down at your lap see the blood flowing from you. Imagine how excited and relieved you feel to see your menstrual period has come.

Repeat this imagery several times imagining new details and trying to really feel as though you are releasing and that your menstrual flow is starting.

Finish with a moment of relaxation where you allow yourself to totally release and thoughts and any final tensions.


Speaking to the Spirit

In your mind’s eye imagine the spirit connected to the embryo. Speak to the spirit, out loud or in your mind or even in writing if it helps you to focus, let it know that it was not your intention to become pregnant at this time.

Tell the spirit that you are not ready or do not desire to take on the responsibility of raising a child. That you are not prepared to provide for it in the way it needs and deserves to be cared for.

Let the spirit know that it has made a mistake… either that it has come to you too soon and that it should come back at another time or that it has come to the wrong woman and should go a woman who is seeking to have a child. Tell the spirit that there are many women who would gladly welcome a new spirit into their family.

Tell the embryo to leave your body at once and to seek another woman who wants children. Send it on its way with compassion and a firm resolve to end this pregnancy. Feel the release.

Tell yourself and the embryo that you have the right to have sexual pleasure without fear of pregnancy and the burden of raising a child.

This procedure will help clear yourself of any ambiguities that you may hold in regard to ending your pregnancy. It also gives the spirit of the embryo a sense of direction and a place to go without being totally rejected. It can give you a sense of peace and completion that the spirit has been sent to somewhere it is wanted.