Sex and Pregnancy Prevention

In order to better help the women of the world, we want to enlighten those that have not been formally instructed about the sexual processes of their changing bodies in order to better understand and control reproduction. A basic understanding of the menstruation cycle can better inform one on how to control fertility and use natural birth control methods to manage pregnancy.

Most women visiting this site found it because they fear they have become pregnant. Having an unwanted pregnancy is emotionally, physically and mentally exhausting. To prevent a future unwanted pregnancy some form of birth control is necessary.

One of the sister websites to NaturalAbortion is This website is a plethora of birth control information.

Artificial and natural birth control are beneficial to the planet as overpopulation is the biggest threat to humanity. However, artificial birth control is more widely understood and talked about, to fill that gap the EcoSensual website goes more in-depth on natural birth controls.

The EcoSensual website has a members only area. This section of the website is not PG like the rest. It is a more adult way to practice natural birth control through sexual empowerment and some creativity.