Mothers with Autistic Children

1 Jan

1. Mother of Three Must Dedicate Time to Autistic Daughter

i have three children, ages 17,12 and 11. the oldest a son and the other are two daughters. my youngest daughter is autistic along w/speech delay. i had no intentions on becoming pregnant and it happened with spending the weekend with a past love. i’m not able to support another child due to financial hardships and especially when my daughter requires alot of attention and supervision. i’ve only told my sister-n-law and she supports me very much on any decision i decide to make.

Age: 34
Location: USA, Texas
Marital Status: Single

2. ¬†Woman Faces Husband’s Concern About Having Another Autistic Child

I am married for 5 1/2 years, and have a 4 year old autistic boy. My husband is afraid of having another baby because its been very hard for him to accept that we have a special needs kid. He is a very loving father, and suffers thinking that his son is not growing up to desire or do things he did as a normal teen. I am very happy with what God has given me and as my husband snd I keep on learning how to teach our son to survive in this world we both think very different, and my husband’s frustration is pulling us apart, we seem to work as a team only for my sons sake. I want to bring a child to this world with arms wide open, to a living family just like my first one, not ifi of what might happen.

Age: 32
Location: USA, California
Marital Status: Married

3. Single Mother Raising Autistic Child Alone 

I have a child w autism who is very violent and takes allot of work and attention everyday . I’m a single mom and financially would hurt all of us and couldn’t support all of us . The father has. Family and doesn’t want the baby neither . Natural I felt was the best way besides doing surgical or medical

Age: 20
Location: USA, Illinois
Marital Status: Single