Natural abortion in Bangladesh, Asia

29 May

Natural abortion in Bangladesh1) Woman seeking natural abortion in Bangladesh, Asia

 Sex before marriage is totally unaccepted by our society. All the people around me will think that i m a girl of very bad character, and my parents will get me out of home, if they come to know this, and it is not possible to get the abortion service for an unmarried girl. if i send out of my family, my be it will bound me to involve in prostitution. I had unprotected sex with my boy friend, i thought it was my safe period, but it didnt work. If i came to know how to do abortion in natural way, surely i will translate in bengali, and tell other girls like me about it. Plz help me, i dont have a credit car, netiher i will be able to manage it. So plz help to from commiting suiside

  •  Family Reaction: forced into prostitution, beating from father or other family member, dis-owned by family

2) Woman seeking natural abortion in Bangladesh, Asia

i dont want to recall anything, it was the worst thing ever happened to me, i felt like committing a suicide

  • Family Reaction: death by the hands of a family member
  • Age: 17 – 19
  • Ethnic Group: South East Asian
  • Reason for Pregnancy: I was raped by a stranger