Natural abortion in Israel, Middle East

8 Aug

Natural abortion in Israel1) Woman seeking natural abortion in Israel

 I have 2 kids (4 years old and 6 months old). It taked us 1.5 years to get pregnant with the 6 months old girl. We thought a kondom is good enough. We were wrong…

  • Family Reaction: dis-owned by family
  • Age: 35 – 39
  • Ethnic Group: Middle Eastern
  • Reason for Pregnancy: I had consensual sex with someone I cared for, I used birth control but it did not work
  • Birth Control Used: We used a condom for men, Rhythm Method

2) Woman seeking natural abortion in Israel

I am 43 years old with four children. This is my third unwanted pregnancy in 3 years. I am limited to barrier methods due to health issues, and vasectomy is forbidden by Jewish Law, so my husband will not have one.

  •  Family Reaction: husband leaves