Natural abortion in Japan, Asia

28 Feb

Natural abortion in Japan1) Mother of 3 seeking natural abortion in Japan, Asia

 I don’t know where to start, we have a fairly normal life, 3 kids together and he has a son from a previous marriage. His religion has never been an issue but it would be now. We are very careful since he doesn’t want a vasectomy and I take the pill faithfully. I didn’t forget or skip a day but here I am, nearly 40 with 3 kids and drop dead broke. He was out of work for two years and we’ve been clawing our way out of bad debt. We are still IN DEBT but we aren’t in foreclosure any more and I don’t have to chain my car to a tree to keep it from being towed away. I don’t have $400 for an abortion, and neither does my husband, and there is no way to scrape it up from relatives, loans or whatever.

  • Family Reaction: husband leaves, dis-owned by family
  • Age: 35 – 39
  • Ethnic Group: other
  • Reason for Pregnancy: I had consensual sex with someone I cared for
  • Birth Control Used: Birth Control Pill

 2) Woman seeking natural abortion in Japan, Asia

Came to Japan to get away from it all. I have a nice husband (no kids) in Canada, but we had marriage problems so I kind of resent him for what went wrong with us. Still married, but here a cute coworker took advantage of me while drunk and now I’m pregnant and in a foreign country where it’s too expensive to get a medical abortion, 1 month’s salary for me.

  • Family Reaction: husband leaves, dis-owned by family
  • Age: 20 – 24
  • Ethnic Group: Caucasian (White)
  • Reason for Pregnancy: I was intoxicated on alcohol or drugs due to my own actions. I had sex without being fully aware of the situation
  • Birth Control Used: I did not use birth control