Natural abortion in Mauritius, Africa

8 Apr

Natural abortion in Mauritius1) Female seeking natural abortion in Mauritius, Africa:

Thank you im not sure how to say that but i always want a baby but not like this im scared and very sorry for doing this to the baby but the community can not understand.

  • Family Reaction: school expulsion, forced into prostitution, beating from father or family member, dis-owned by family
  • Age: 17 – 19
  • Ethnic Group: African from Africa
  • Reason for Pregnancy: I was raped by a stranger
  • Birth Control Used: I did not use birth control

2) Student seeking natural abortion in Mauritius, Africa:

im a student and i really love my boyfriend and want to spend my life with him. if my parents come to know about my condition they will stop my tertiary education and even throw in on the roads.this situation might also lead my familt to social execution please help!!!

  • Family Reaction: school expulsion, husband leaves, beating from father or other family member, dis-owned by family, death by the hands of a family member
  • Age: 17 – 19
  • Ethnic Group: other
  • Reason for Pregnancy: I had consensual sex with someone I cared for
  • Birth Control Used: Rhythm Method

3) Female from Mauritius, Africa:

I love my boy friend and we have sex as all young people do, our tradition is still strict on sex before marriage. We’ve have done our best in taking precaution, but I got pregnant at a time where i won’t be able to handle this situation

  • Family Reaction: dis-owned by family
  • Age: 20 – 24
  • Ethnic Group: Middle Eastern
  • Reason for Pregnancy: I used birth control but it did not work
  • Birth Control Used: We used a condom for men