Natural abortion in Turkey, Eastern Europe

1 Sep

Natural abortion in Turkey1) Woman seeking natural abortion in Turkey, Eastern Europe

 I live in Australia, divided between two cultures .. Turkish and Australian ... trying to fit in and battling with parents constantly. I came here when I was four and have difficulty conforming to my cultural expectations when all I know to do is to conform with the Australian way of life. This does not necessarily mean that I’m wayward or troublesome ... as my parents believe. Simply going for coffee with friends is risky in their eyes ... risky because I'm not under the watchful eye of my parents and anything could happen. It seems my parents honour is more important than anything else ... anything that helps me to evolve and grow into a balanced human being. I don't really know what to say here, I've never really been able to express my feelings about my need for freedom ... it hardly seems important when weighed up with the honour of my family ... sometimes I feel so defeated I just wish I could have a little bit of freedom just to ha

  • Family Reaction: dis-owned by family
  • Age: 17 - 19
  • Ethnic Group: Middle Eastern
  • Reason for Pregnancy: I was duped, drugged, or conned into having sex with someone who I would not normally have had sex with
  • Birth Control Used: I did not use birth control