Penalties for Illegal Abortion

9 Aug

Penalties for Women if Abortion were Illegal

For a woman facing an unwanted pregnancy, there is enough stress they have to deal with without the so called “Right to Life” movement making their lives even more difficult. Many men and women around the world believe that abortion should be illegal. But if it is, then what should be the penalties for a woman who has an abortion?

A Documentary was created that posed this exact question to Anti-Abortion Demonstrators in Libertyville, Illinois, USA.

Penalties for Illegal Abortion: “If you believe abortion is illegal, the equivalent of murder, then what penalty do you believe women should pay. Should women go to jail if they have an illegal abortion?”

Here are the replies!!! It will surprise you to see just how much thought they have given to women!

The Libertyville Illinois Anti-Abortion Demonstration Documentary

Penalties for Women if Abortion were Illegal
Classic Newsweek story that shows just how little ‘pro-lifers’ have thought about the implications of their ’cause’.