Pregnancies Resulting from Prostitution

27 Oct

1.  Young Mother Turns to Prostitution in Face of Financial Hardships

Well hello you can call me m that’s not my real namebut it works just as well in may of 2011 I was faced with becoming a single parent neither of us had a choice he went to prison, I was left with a house payment 2 car payments an a plumiting business an a 1 year old son, I then dabbled in drugs to keep sane, I know many of you are wondering how I ended up here, well its simple I turned to prostitution it didn start out full service I was 19 when I started no family an the weight of the world was just dropped on my head I had it all the dream life a good biz a child a husband the American dream, I needed the money an it was the fastest way to get it, well one slip up an just 1 condom breaking I find myself faced with an unwanted pregnancy …. My husband gets out in 2 months 🙁

Age: 21
Location: USA, Utah
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian

2. Young Student May be Pregnant After Having Sex for Money

WellI’m Not The Riches Girl In The World & My Family Could Use Alil Extra Help.. Soo This Guy & I Have Sex & He Gives Mee Money .. However He Doesn’t Use A Condom.. Tge Last Tinge We Has Sex Was Last Thursday Before I Went To School & I Think He Accidentally Came Inside If Mee Because He Told Mee To Get Up Really Fast & He Came Pn Tge Covers, But When I Look Down Some Of His Cum, Was Coming Out Of Mee Soo I Went To Tge Bathroom & Pee’d & I Didn’t See Anymore. However Before This Encounter I Wasn’t Quite Sure That I Had Missed My Period (I Don’t Know How To Count My Days Soo) Because It Comes Late Sometimes .. Soo By This Point It Was The Last Thursday Feburary & IHadn’t Has My Period That Whole Month.. Now I’m Stuck .. ILook At My Stomach Everyday & It Looks Like Its Gettinf Alil Bigger But I May Judt Be Paranoid & I Use Tge Bathroom Alot & My Stomach Hurts Frequently .. I Just Need Help & I Promise IllNever Be In This Position Again, When I Tell Yu No One Knows .. NO ONE KNOWS About This , Smh .. Please Help Mee !!!

Age: 16
Location: USA, Georgia
Ethnicity: African American

3. Professional Escort Seeks Help After Unprotected Sex

Im an escort and one of the guys didnt wear condom though he was old and pulled out im still concerned. I have a fiance but hes in jail and doesnt know what exactly im doing for money. Normally if someone cums in you it runs out and that didnt happen. I was also may be only a week off my period but still just in case I want to make sure. Plus I hooked up with someone while drunk

Age: 22
Location: USA, Georgia
Ethnicity: Mixed Race