Pregnant Care-Givers Seeking Natural Abortions

17 Jan

1. Pregnant Woman Must Devote Time and Money to Terminally  Ill Mother

I came out of an abusive marriage several years ago, with thankfully sole custody of my son. I moved home to be close to my mother. I am lucky enough to have found a wonderful man, however, my mother has terminal breast cancer that has metastasized nearly everywhere in her body. I am her sole caretaker. At this time, I can not work and every penny is devoted to my mothers care. We have been (we thought ) very careful with contraception control, but apparently not careful enough. I am 3 weeks pregnant, and simply can not have a child now, nor can I afford RU-486 or a conventional surgical abortion.

Age: 27
Location: USA, Texas
Marital Status: Divorced

2. Young Pregnant Woman Already Cares for Special Needs Siblings

I am 19 years old and currently I have a situation where I am having a lot of problems with my family in all sorts of ways. My father was deported back home 6 months ago and basically I am stuck with my mother to help pay bills and take care of my younger siblings. I didn’t think I would get pregnant because I was taking the pill and we were using condoms, but the condom broke and I end up in this situation. I feel really bad for choosing this, but I simply can’t go on with this situation because I can’t even afford sometimes to pay my bills on time, so I won’t be able to support my child financially. One of my siblings is a special ed child, so I have to constantly be taking care of him, and with me being pregnant I won’t be able to take as good of care of him as I should. I also suffer from depression and anxiety and have even tried to commit suicide since I found out I was pregnant just because I don’t know what to do. I want to try a natual or herbal way to miscarry because I am scared to get any type of surgical procedure. I am afraid something might go wrong and because I wanted to do something right, my life will go down the drain. Please help because I don’t know what to do!

Age: 19
Location: USA, Kansas
Marital status: Engaged

3. Student Caring For Dementia-Stricken Grandmother Cannot Support Child

I am a student currently, living with my dad and step mom. I have not always been the model child, but over the last year I have come a long way and accomplished things I never would have thought I would. I also care for my Grandmother, who has severe dementia. If my family were to know I was pregnant, I would lose everything I have worked so hard to get. I made a mistake by having sex with my on again off again boyfriend, and neither of us are ready to have a child; our relationship (and wallets) is not healthy or strong enough to support a baby. I cannot have a child now; it is so unfortunate this happened now, a year from now things may have been different, I will be graduating in a little less than two years

Age: 23
Location:  USA, Ohio
Marital Status:  It’s Complicated