Pregnant South African university student worried about future

8 Oct

Pregnant South African university student feels her goals are in jeopardy 

I came to be pregnant about 19 days ago, on around the 17th day of my cycle, after having protected sex. I have a very regular cycle, and I track it religiously every month. I know it is a usually  29 days, so I knew I was pregnant by day 35 and took a test to confirm it. 

The reason I am seeking a miscarriage is that I am not ready in any way to have a child. I’m in my first year at university, I have goals in life. Goals I would not be able to achieve if I had a child because I’m not stable enough, financially or emotionally. I live alone in this country, with little support from family. The man involved is not someone I would consider a future with either. I am considering telling him about the pregnancy, just so that I don’t feel so damn alone in this, but we will see. I am so grateful for this site, and I really hope its methods works for me.

  • Age: 21
  • White/Caucasian
  • Not religious/Not religiously affiliated
  • Single (never married)
  • Yes it was consensual
  • He is a friend
  • He does not know about the pregnancy
  • No
  • Condom (male)
  • No
  • No serious penalties
  • It is too expensive for me at this time