Pregnant Women with Incarcerated Partners

10 Nov

1. Single Mother of Three Successfully Begins Period After Unintended Pregnancy

Hi, due to medical reasons I am not allowed to be on birth control. The guy I am currently seeing is always in and out of jail. We been together going on three years. He claimed he couldn’t have children (vasectomy). I believed cause I hadn’t gotten pregnant in the years we were together. I’ve missed my period. I am pregnant. Btw, did I mention I’m a single mother of three who escaped a physical abusive husband??? I cannot have this child. I know it seems wrong for I do not believe in abortion. I came across this page and prayed about it. I was grateful cause didn’t want to go to the doctor for a medical abortion. I started the vitamin c, reflexology and parsley Thursday night, I started cramping early this morning (sat) and at first it was spotting, but now it’s a heavy flow with clotting. I am soo thankful it has worked for I was a skeptic!!! Thank you. I am now at ease that I won’t have to raise another child alone. I would love another but now is not the time. I cannot express enough how much this site helped me, not to mention it has all happened in a natural way. Worst part was/is the cramping. Thank you. Women do have a choice!!!!

Age: 29
Location: USA, California

2. Australian Mother Avoids Relationship with Abusive Partner

So im a single mum of 2 beautiful children, i first became a mum at 16 i was young i thought i was in love that soon deminished so i became a young mum of one. Then 6 years later i met someone who ii fell pregnant to after having my daughter he left. My eldest still see’s his dad but my youngest whoo has just turned 1 does not, i am only 24 and am struggling to make ends meat as it is i will never set myself up for life but i am sure that with consistent hard work i will be able to set them up for life. I recently met a guy and was foolish i did not know he had just gotten out of jail for beating his ex and all 5 of their children have been taken and put into welfare as they are not fit parents, although i probably could do it solo with 3 i feel as if ib would be risking my two other children. I know you may think im elfish but i cannot put my 2 children at risk for one that is unborn. I nedd to do this for my children i already have. I do not want 3 children to all different dads thats not how i pictured my life i study and work hard to provide for the 2 i already had.

Age: 24
Location: Austraila

3. 20-year-old Mother Will not Bear Abusive Man’s Child

I am 20 years old and already have an 18 month old little boy who is my world. I work 7 days a week, still living at home, and yet can’t make ends meet. My son’s father is in prison so needless to say I’ve raised my son on my own with no financial help. Then an old friend came back into my life and everything seemed perfect. He helped me with my son, rubbed my feet after work, cooked and cleaned- the whole package. We made plans to get married and start a family. After a heated argument he beat me. Unbeknownced to me, I was (and am) pregnant. I’m not one of those foolish women who stay with their abuser because they think it’s love. I know my worth and what I deserve. Along with I don’t want to be stuck with an abuser’s child, I simply can not afford it. It is not fair to the child I already have that I work all the time as it is and don’t get to spend as much time with him as I’d like. And also I do not want to bring a child in to this already fucked up world and resent it. I am against abortion and I know this is a form of it, but it would be easier to explain I had a miscarriage to my parents who are extremely religious. They would dis own me if I came up pregnant again as they would dis own me if they knew I went to a clinic and got an abortion. I just want to put this part of my life behind me and move on go to collage and give my son the life I never had. I’m having a moral battle with myself about this, but I know what’s right and what needs to be done. I was going to keep the baby at first until I realized the pros and cons and the pros severely outweighed the cons…

Age: 20
Location: USA, New York