Pregnant Women with Previous Traumatic Abortion Experiences

13 Oct

 1. Financially Unstable Mother of Three in Florida

My husband and i have 3 children. They are10,9,&1. After a few years od having the first two we decided to go for one more. I had gotten really sick a few weeks back and was on several types of meds which unfortunately interacted with my birthcontrol. Unfortunately we are just not financially able to take on another child since my husband lost his job a few months back.

Age: 30
Country: USA, Florida
Marital Status: Married
Previous Experience with medical or surgical abortion: I had just missed my period so I knew I could not have been that far along and figured I would be able to just take the abortion pill and be able to leave and let it happen in the comfort of my own home. Not to mention it was cheaper. When they did the sonogram they told me I was already 14 weeks and did not qualify for the pill, they would have to do the surgery. I felt so uncomfortable being stripped down then about 3-4 people came in with what looked like a vacuum. It was the worst experience of my life.

 2. Alabama Mother Does Not Wish to Face Another Abortion Clinic

I just had a baby 4 months ago at 28 weeks. I can’t bare the thought of having another premature baby. I have been breastfeeding but unable to get birth control to prevent pregnancy. We had sex and we didnt protect ourselves and now I’m faced with this harsh decision. I didn’t want another child after my last child but we just can’t do it right now.

Age: 36
Country: USA, Alabama
Marital Status: Engaged
Previous Experience with medical or surgical abortion: It was extremely emotional. Medical staff were professional but I felt bad for my decision. Just can’t stand to sit in that waiting room again.

3.  Young Louisiana Mother Puts Her Children First

I am a young mother of two children, the youngest is not even a year old. We are already struggling to pay the bills month to month and the idea of another child is just something I don’t think that we can deal with. This is an extremely difficult decision, but I have to think of my two children and what is best for them.

Age: 28
Country: USA, Louisiana
Marital Status: Married
Previous Experience with medical or surgical abortion: I was a teen. It was very alienating and scary.

4. Virginia woman wishes to not endure the trauma of another surgical abortion

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 2 years and when we met, I was not on birth control because I was not dating and not sexually active. When we became sexually active, I decided to have Implanon(birthcontrol) implanted in my arm so that I would not have to worry about a pill every day. After I gained 17 pounds over the course of just a few months, I decided to have it removed and got a prescription for my originally used birth control, Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo. When my prescription was filled at the pharmacy, they gave me the generic brand instead- TriNessa. This brand switch caused me to be an overly emotional and moody person. My boyfriend was at the point that he didn’t know how much more he could take. Needless to say, I took myself off of the birth control. This is when we accidentally became pregnant the first time. It was completely unexpected and made an immediate decision to terminate the pregnancy being that we are not at a stage in our lives where we can raise a family. He went with me to the clinic and we had the pregnancy terminated. It was expensive and very impersonal. Mostly, the experience was very emotional. My boyfriend and I are firm believers that babies are a gift from God but realize that there are circumstances when terminating a pregnancy will be the best option because of the situation that the parents may be in. During the 5 minute process of the abortion, I cried because I never pictured myself in that situation and I was actually terminating a pregnancy. For days after, I was often emotional thinking and “reliving” the process. We decided that if at all possible, we would not allow me to go thru that again. Our second pregnancy occurred when plan b failed. I took the emergency contraceptive pill the very next day after sex and discovered weeks later that I was pregnant. I am seeking a natural way to discontinue the pregnancy because I would not like to go thru another abortion. It is too emotional and costly.

Age: 24
Country: USA, Virginia
Marital Status: In a monogamous relationship
Previous experience with surgical or medical abortion: I arrived at the clinic hoping to take the abortion pill because I thought that I was only a few weeks pregnant only to find out that I was 8 weeks pregnant and the pill process would be too painful. The medical process that I underwent was called the local abortion (suction) and it was an emotional process for me. I was very nervous and uncomfortable and the procedure was very impersonal. I felt like I was a number as opposed to a woman being placed in a very hard situation and having to make such a hard decision.