Revenge Rape in India Results in Pregnancy

9 May

Indian Woman Drugged and Brutally Raped Could Suffer Further
Hi am 29 Indian from a very reputative but conservative family. I was a a function , at a general party. I saw the boys were playing pranks but dint bother or know I would fall prey. I had 2 mock tails and my head started to pain. I was accompanied by one of the  boys I knew as it was late 10:15pm. He said he wanted to pick up his wallet n licence from his flat which was on the way.He told me that he would wait in the car and i should get it for him as parking the car would consume time.when i was at his flat he followed me n latched the door. He told me that this was planned by him and wanted to teach me a lesson, he had drugged my drink, as I had rejected his proposal 4 years back.he pushed me and raped me 3/4 times all night , i fell unconscious and dint know what happened later, he also took my video and pictures that is what he told me when i woke up.He also told me that he consumed Viagra and had fun abusing me.He told me that i was also involved in the act and it was not forced.But I really don’t know what happened to me, I felt asleep.When I woke up i was in pain and had a few bruises on my body. I went crying home dint know what to do. As my periods delayed i waited and waited , 2nd month I visited a Gynecologist and she did ultrasound and told me i was 9 weeks pregnant. She thought I was married.Now am 11 weeks pregnant am just praying to God to make a miscarriage to me.I discussed the whole thing with my best friend who is ready to help me.Please tell me if there is any way to naturally induce miscarriage and then go to gynecologic when i start bleeding to do a cleaning process.As here I cannot say that I want to do abortion, I can make it look that it happened by natural means and then get the further procedure done at my Best friends hometown.I know am being Selfish and mean but am into a mental trauma as this thing happened to me that to under the consumption of Viagra. Also my Fiance loves me a lot and we are getting married in September this year. If he comes to know he will not accept me, he is very conservative , lives in a different state.Also my parents will blame me as I had told them  want to be an successful earning self dependent girl and then marry.They will think that I misused my freedom.

Please help me as soon as possible.I hope you understand me.

Age: 29

Ethnic Background:Asian Indian

Religion: Hindu

Reason for Pregnancy: Not consensual sex

Consequence:Disowned by family if they found out (forced to leave home or not allowed to return), Husband/boyfriend will leave me if he found out, Beating from my father, brother or other family member if they found out