Saudi woman seeks natural abortion

21 Jan

Wife with no support in the household finds herself pregnant again

I have a 6 year old son living with my husband family traveled no friends husband prevented me from continuing my career , he thinks that any thing pertaining to the child is a women’s job he never helps or interacts with his child he licks his door so he wouldn’t deal with his noise and he constantly yells at me in the my son since he was baby cried it woke him up even though we are not in his room and he would degrade me and say I’m a bad mom if I couldn’t call him down , he isn’t fit to be a dad even though my son is old there is no chance for him to step up as a father and he doesn’t at all regret treating me badly when I was dealing with a newborn and a toddler may leave me if I had a baby and I wasn’t able to keep crying away from him cause he thinks a good wife makes a husband not feel at all like there is a baby no noise take care of him and the house

  • Age: 31
  • Middle Eastern/Arab
  • Muslim
  • Married
  • 1
  • Yes it was consensual
  • He is my husband
  • He does not know about the pregnancy
  • No
  • Condom (male)
  • No
  • Just religious shaming that will follow me forever
  • I would rather not have a medical or surgical abortion