Women Seeking Abortions For Fear of Birth Defects

20 Oct

1. Married Woman is Concerned About Effects of Cigarettes and Alcohol on Fetus

I am married and my husband and I have talked about starting a family. We typically use natural forms of birth control, but my husband chose not to one time during intercourse.

This was soon after my last period and I didn’t believe I was pregnant. Because I smoked cigarettes and drank until I tested positive, my doctor has told me that I should abort the baby due to increased risks of birth defects.

Others have told me this is an extreme view, and I agree, but now I don’t know if I can bear to continue the pregnancy and risk my child suffering through life when my own doctor recommended termination. However, I would like to avoid a surgical abortion at all costs – the protestors make a hard decision even harder and ultimately, I would just like to end this naturally and move on. 

Age: 27
Location:  USA, Illinois

2. Partner’s Prescription Medications Increases Risk of Disabilities in Child

my fiance is on medications for his psoratic arthiritis. I was not supposed to be able to get pregnant in the first place. The meds he is on could cause serious birth defects and because me and my partner were fully responsible for me getting pregnant i do not want this child to live a horrid life due to the irresponsibility from his/her parents. i dont believe in abortions but i also dont want a child to suffer through life knowing it was my fault. also we are not finacially stable enough to care for another child.

Age: 26
Location: USA, Illinois

3. Menopausal Woman Seeks to End High-Risk Pregnancy

I am single mom with 6 children which i have been supporting by my self. it has been very hard making it from pay check to pay check. I have never went to get aid as i feel someone else in worse conditions need it more then we do. But I just can’t seem to work enough overtime to cover the 500.00 for the abortion as well as the time off from work and what my family would do and say, coming from a very strict Italian Roman catholic up bringing as well as the father of this pregnancy is also Roman Catholic. But does not know at this time. he cannot know or i will be force to complete this pregnancy. I am in menopause and know the possibilities of the birth defects. I am 48 and cannot do this. I just don’t have it in me to raise a normal child let alone a child with a birth defect. And anyone knowing how Italian men are….. I would be doing this alone. I am in perfect health.

Age: 48
Location: USA, Arizona