Woman Pregnant by Partner Who Refused to Wear a Condom

8 Oct

1. Woman in Philippines Forcibly Impregnated 

I’ve been separated years ago from the father of my 2 lovely boys ,who beats me. I met a guy and date him lotsa times before we had sex, and I was ready not to get pregnant coz I brought condom. He didn’t want to and worse cum inside me. Forced –coz I didn’t want to but he insist. And did it thrice that  night. Threatened coz he kept my things locked til I break and left. Now, I’m scared to get pregnant coz I solely taking care of my 2 sons and currently working. I need help. But I’m ashamed to share this to the people close to me.

  • Age: 31
  • : Philippines
  • : Philippines
  • What is your ethnic background?: Far-east Asian
  • Christian
  • What is your marital/relationship status?: Separated
  • How many children do you have if any?: 2
  • Is this unwanted pregnancy the result of consensual sex?: No it was not consensual
  • Were you pressured to have sex?: beaten, subject to physical violence or raped?
  • What is your relationship to the man who got you pregnant?: He is a friend
  • Does the man who got you pregnant support your decision to have a miscarriage?: He does not care what I do
  • Were you, by your own choice, under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of conception?: No
  • Did you use ANY form of birth control? If so, which method(s) did you use?
    • I did not use birth control
    • Douche (I washed myself afterwards)
    • I hoped I would not get pregnant
  • No
    • Imprisonment (because abortion is illegal where I live)
    • Disowned by family if they found out (forced to leave home or not allowed to return)
  • What are your reasons for not choosing to have a medical or surgical abortion?: 
    • It is too expensive for me at this time
    • The facilities are too far away for me to get to
    • I am intimidated by protestors outside the clinic(s) close to where I live
    • I would rather not have a medical or surgical abortion