Women Facing Legal Punishment for Abortion

28 Mar

Egyptian Woman Without Access to Abortion Clinics

please help me my name is dina and i did not quite have intercourse but there is a big posability that i might be pregnent and it will do more than ruin my life but there is no such thing as an abortion and if they know i have had unmarried sex they will imprison me

الرجاء مساعدتي اسمي دينا وأنا لم يكن لديك تماما الجماع ولكن هناك احتمال كبير أن أكون قد تكون حاملا و انها لن تفعل أكثر من الخراب حياتي ولكن لا يوجد شيء مثل الإجهاض و إذا كانوا يعرفون وقد أتيحت لي الجنس غير المتزوجين أنها سوف تسجن لي

Family Reaction: school expulsion, beating from father or other family member, dis-owned by family, death by the hands of a family member
Age: Under 16 years old
Ethnic Group: Middle Eastern
Reason for Pregnancy: I had consensual sex with someone I cared for
Birth Control Used: I did not use birth control

Afghani Woman Faces Stoning for Pre-Marital Sex
I fell in love but he is from a different race so his family rejected me to make their daughter in-law. he didnt inist to marry me in front of his family as much as he should have.I have been living a suppresed frustrated life.I fell in love and later he started convincing me to have sex. I didnt want to but slowly and somehow it happened.I would ask him to marry me and he would threaten to dump me. Recently I broke up with him, he didnt resist much. But before breaking up, almost 3 weeks back we had sex. i always kept on asking him to use condoms but he will never listen to me and trick me into having uprotected sex. it is not easy to get birth control pills but my partner will never listen to me.Now I am in the biggest trouble of my life and because he never listened to me.I am competely alone in this. I cant tell ANYONE about this or else I will be stoned to death in public. I hope you can help me or my only option would be to commit suicide.Please Help I am desperate!!

من در عشق سقوط کرد اما او از یک نژاد متفاوت است بنابراین خانواده اش به من رد به دختر خود را در قانون . او هیچوقت اصرار به ازدواج با من در مقابل خانواده اش همان قدر که او باید داشته باشد. من زندگی یک زندگی نا امید سرکوب شده است. من در عشق سقوط کرد و بعد از آن او شروع به متقاعد کردن من به داشتن رابطه جنسی . این واقعا لطف اما به آرامی و به نوعی از آن اتفاق افتاد . من از او می خواست با من ازدواج و او را تهدید به من کمپرسی . من به تازگی با او شکست تا ، او هیچوقت مقاومت در برابر بسیار . اما قبل از شکستن ، تقریبا 3 هفته قبل ما به حال رابطه جنسی . من همیشه در درخواست او را به استفاده از کاندوم نگه داشته اما او هرگز به من گوش خواهد و من فریب به داشتن رابطه جنسی محافظت نشده . از آن آسان است برای دریافت قرصهای جلوگیری از بارداری نیست، بلکه شریک زندگی من هرگز به من گوش خواهد داد. در حال حاضر من در بزرگترین مشکل زندگی من و چون او هرگز به من گوش هستم. من به طور کامل در این تنهایی هستم. من نمی تونم هر کسی در مورد این بگویید و یا دیگری من خواهد بود به مرگ در ملاء عام سنگسار . من امیدوارم که شما می توانید به من کمک یا تنها گزینه من خواهد بود به خودکشی. لطفا کمک کنم ناامید هستم

Family Reaction: beating from father or family member, dis-owned by family, death by the hands of a family member, Death by the Court
Age: 20 – 24
Ethnic Group: Middle Eastern
Reason for Pregnancy: I had consensual sex with someone I cared for
Birth Control Used: I did not use birth control

Woman in Costa Rica Concerned for Legal Penalties
I was with my boyfriend, on our 5th month after we started seriously dating, we had like 6 months before datinng that we hang on together but some comitment. then when we went to make love fet 1 month since we started doing it, the condom broke, until 3 days ago i took the test ..3 times.. all said positive, nobody from my family would want to help me, and my boyfriend would probably go to jail if i have this child. please help me, hes all i got in the world i couldn’t loose him, he’s really all i got. thanks, please help me i really need to do something and he doesnt want me to go to a clandestine doctor because he doesent want to put me in serious risk, please i really need this annd theres no way i can pay, nor got the way to do it even if i an get th emoney… PLEASE…. thanks……

Estaba con mi novio el quinto mes que habiamos estado juntos. Un mes despues que habiamos empezado tener relaciones sexuales, el condon se rompio. Hace tres dias tuve la prueba. 3 veces. Todo se dicho “si”. Nadie de mi familia querria ayudarme, y mi novio podria ir a la carcel si tengo su hijo. Por favor ayudame, el es todo que tengo en el mundo, y no podria perderlo. Gracias, por favor ayudame, de verded necessito hacer algo y no quiero ir al doctor clandestino porque no quiero arriesgar mi vida. Por favor, realmente necessito este y no hay manera que podria pagar, tampoco hay un lugar que lo hara si lo tuviera, POR FAVOR… gracias…

Family Reaction: school expulsion, dis-owned by family, personal shame, mother shame, cant live with myself
Age: 17 – 19
Ethnic Group: Hispanic / Latino
Reason for Pregnancy: I had consensual sex with someone I cared for, I used birth control but it did not work
Birth Control Used: We used a condom for men