Women Impregnated While on Birth Control

9 Aug

Woman Suffers from IUD Malfunction

After a previous experience with unplanned pregnancy while on the pill, I had an IUD inserted. After 2 1/2 years with no problems, I’ve somehow ended up pregnant again – ironically after my husband and I have firmly decided that we do not want to have children. I have some chronic health issues and am terrified of pregnancy making them worse or passing them on, and he is a survivor of childhood abuse and does not really want to be a parent because of his experiences. Unfortunately, we have moved to a country in SE Asia where abortion is illegal unless the health of the mother is threatened or in cases of rape, so I’m unable to seek a safe surgical or medical abortion. I really do not want to have this baby and I am not excited about the idea of carrying it for 9 months and then giving it up for adoption to a family who will have to deal with any genetic health problems which may be passed on.
Age: 26
Current Country: Malaysia
Country Born In: United States
State Born In: Colorado
Ethnic Background: Hispanic/Latina
Religion: Not religious/Not religiously affiliated
Marital Status: Married
Relationship Status: In a Monogamous Relationship
Children: 0
Consensual Sex?: Yes it was consensual
Relationship to Man Who Got You Pregnant: He is my husband
Did you use ANY form of birth control? If so, which method(s) did you use?: IUD (Intra Uterine Device)
Does the man who got you pregnant support your decision to have a miscarriage?: Yes, he supports my decision
Does anyone know that you are pregnant?: Yes
Does anyone know that you are considering aborting the pregnancy?: Yes
What personal consequences might you face if you are found to be pregnant?: Financial hardship. I simply can not afford to have a child at this point in my life., My husband and I have already decided we do not want children.
What consequences might you face if you are discovered trying to end your pregnancy?:Imprisonment (because abortion is illegal where I live)
Is medical or surgical abortion LEGAL where you live?: No
Have you had a medical or surgical abortion in the past?: Yes
Please tell us about your previous experience with medical or surgical abortion: I was a student, with a boyfriend I’d only been seeing about 3 months, when I got pregnant while on the pill. I was unable to support a child financially, so I decided to have an abortion. My bf was very supportive of the decision and accompanied me to all my doctor’s visits. I opted for a medical abortion because it seemed more “natural,” but given the choice again (I currently live in a country where abortion is illegal) I would opt for the surgical procedure because I reacted so strongly to the drugs. I bled quite a bit, but at a normal rate – what was really upsetting was the extreme nausea and 2 hours straight of uncontrollable diarrhea! Every time I even drank water it would go straight through me – I was stuck on the toilet for hours while my boyfriend tried to take care of me. Eventually it stopped and I was able to get some sleep. The bleeding lasted about the length of a normal period and wasn’t too heavy after the first night. I did have extremely painful cramps the first night but they subsided after that. I did have to take some mild medication a few weeks later to take care of a tiny bit of lining that had not been expelled properly.

 Woman Whose Birth Control Failed

Had missed a pill, but he wore a condom. When i told him i was pregnant he dumped me and said it couldn’t be his. I think the condom broke and he didnt tell me, i haven’t been with anyone else.
Age: 32
Ethnic Group: Mixed race
Religion: Spiritual, new age
Reason for Pregnancy: Consensual sex with boyfriend
Consequence: Disowned by family if they found out (forced to leave home or not allowed to return)
Birth Control Used: Condom (male), Birth Control Pill, Patch or Ring