Woman Re-Thinking Decision to Get Pregnant

1 Oct

1. Woman in Ohio Thought Getting Pregnant Would Save Marriage

Bad time in relationship and my husband thought a baby would save our marriage. I can’t afford a abortion and on top of that would rather do it a more natural way

  • Age: 23
  • What Country Were You BORN in?: USA
  • White/Caucasian
  • What is your religion?: Christian
  • What is your marital/relationship status?: Divorced
  • How many children do you have if any?: 2
  • Is this unwanted pregnancy the result of consensual sex?: Yes it was consensual
  • What is your relationship to the man who got you pregnant?: He is my husband
  • Does the man who got you pregnant support your decision to have a miscarriage?: Yes, he supports my decision
  • Were you, by your own choice, under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of conception?: No
  • Does anyone know that you are considering aborting the pregnancy?: Yes
  • What consequences might you face if you are discovered trying to end your pregnancy?:No serious penalties