Women Seeking to Abort Wanted Pregnancies

10 Jan

1. Mother Seeks to Abort Under-developed Fetus

Unfortunately, I’m seeking a miscarriage for a wanted pregnancy. My husband and I found out last week that our baby had not developed past the 9th week and we were there for a 12 week ultrasound. There was no heartbeat and nothing anyone could do.

After an exam, I found out I was not dialated and my body wasn’t trying to abort the pregnancy on its own. The doctor suggested a d&c, but the cost is astronomical and I’m not insured. I’m not comfortable with a surgical abortion, and I’m 4 days past the deadline for the pill. My options are few, but luckily, I have some time to try to do this as naturally as possible.

Age: 30
Location: USA, Nevada
Relationship Status: Married

2. Partner Leaves Woman After Planning to Conceive Child

I got back together with a childhood sweetheart after he moved back to town. We pouched back up right where we left offin love and inseparable. He asked me to may him and I said yes of course. We talked about having a baby together he already had one and so do I. It would have been the way to bring our families together. unfortunatelyI became pregnant before the actual wedding came. He sounded so happy and excited when I told him and then he just disappeared. I haven’t seen our heard from him in almost a month now. His phone is disconnected and when I go to his house his cousin/roommate always days he’s not there. I don’t have a job. I am currently living with my sister her I husband and 3 there kids along with my daughter in her 3 bedroom house. I always told my daughter that she couldn’t have a brother or sister because I didn’t want to do it alone again life I did with her although her dad didn’t disappear we just couldn’t be together especially with all the other women and so when he asked me to marry him and I thought we were definitely going to be together it seemed okay. I cannot do this alone and the dad part is I can’t even afford to have an abortion. I need help. I really am sorry about this but I don’t think its fairto bring a child into this world knowing that I couldn’t afford to give it a life that it deserves. I am struggling to take care if my daughter right now and I just could never ever do that to me, her, our another human being.

Age: 31
Location: USA, Georgia
Marital Status: Divorced

3. Pregnant Woman Begins to Doubt Motives Behind Intended Conception

After having an abortion, an irrational part of me craved a child. I began to chart my cycles and understand when I ovulated, my luteal phase and fertility period. I found that when I felt mittleschirmz (ovulation cramps) I would be fertile that very day. I would read the forums on baby sites and feel envious of the women who wanted to become preganant. I was sad and jealous that my boyfriend didn’t understand my pain and did not want to marry me and have a child. I began to wonder what if I planned to have sex during my ovulation and conceive. What if that would reduce my pain?

During my last cycle on the day before I ovulated I had sex with my boyfriend but we used the usual pull out method. This method is not effective and is what got me pregnant the first time. That night we talked about all of the things that we wanted to do together such as vacations, achieving goals in our careers,etc. I realized that maybe I could wait to have a child. The irrational urge greatly reduced as I came to that realization. I almost found peace. That very night I felt the ovulation cramps and my heart sank.

In the week after my ovulation I felt cramping and observed possible implantation bleeding. I’m anxiously waiting for a positive test so I can began taking the herbs if necessary. My heart is so heavy to do this again but I know that if I want to provide a healthy, loving, financially stable home for my future children, this is something I need to do. I pray that my menses arrive before I have to do this.

Age: 25
Location: USA, Louisiana
Marital Status: Single