Women with Chronic Health Conditions

21 Dec

1. Mother Suffers from Post-Childbirth Medical Issues 

My story is hard, I already have two children and due to having them I became ill with multiple medical conditions and complications. The first pregancy wasn’t as bad, but even after 3 years from the second one I am still trying to recover and may not. I am actively dying very slowly and did not think with my health that I could concieve. I did however and can not afford to see a doctor. I already have medical debt that prevents me from seeing any more without upfront costs and I just lost my job. That and my new boyfriend really really doesn’t want children. I am against abortion but for the safety of my health and of the baby coming out with a lot of problems, and it will be early my previous ones were, it’s for the best right now. It’s just not a good time or situation to have anymore. I feel bad and don’t want this but natural is better and I’m only a week along. As long as I can do it before it has a heartbeat I won’t feel quite as bad. It’s still upsetting. Hope it works and I do not become more ill from it and I already have plans to get permanent sterilization done as soon as I get approval from medicaid.

Age: 24
Location: USA, Texas
Ethnicity: Native American
Religion: New Age/Spiritual

2. Mother of Five with Reproductive Health Problems Fears Premature Baby

I am 6 weeks pregnant and in an awful situation. I have 5 children which i am extremely thankful for,and in a long term relationship. I have a bi cornuate uterus and weak cervix, i had two children before i miscarried at 22 weeks aged 22, and was devastated, I went on to have another full term healthy son. However, i then went on to have a son at 27 weeks,and a daughter at 25 weeks browse around this site. Both children are alive, but have their disabilities which are life long. My family and i spent a total of 12 months combined – visiting/staying in the neonatal units,and lost jobs due to it…This all had a devastating consequence on our lives. This pregnancy wasn’t planned, for 3 years after our last child, we were extremely careful, but accidents happen. My dilemma is that i do not want to put us all through the heartache of late miscarriage/extreme prem birth…it’s not just me that suffers, but the older children too ( my last daughter underwent several major ops – and we almost lost her 3 times,she didn’t come home untill she was 8 months old) If it was just me, i’d probably take the chance, but i have loved ones to think about too and don’t want to put them through any more hurt. I have been offered a medical abortion,but it terrifies me, and i wish,if needs be, i could naturally miscarry on my own,in my own home where i feel safe.

Age: 34
Location: United Kingdom
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Religion: Not Religiously Affiliated

3. Woman With Ulcerative Colitis Does Not wish to be Mother

I have ulcerative colitis, and cannot carry a child to term without significant medical help. This is however not the only reasoning for my choice. I believe there are too many children in the world as it is who don’t have someone to love them, or sometimes even care enough to physically take care of them. I choose to help care for the children I see around me….in my family and community. I feel like this is my purpose in life…not being a MOTHER, but helping to parent children who don’t have an active mother. Anyone can give birth…that is BOT the gift. The gift is helping a child grow-up. I do not feel abortion is right in EVERY situation, but I don’t feel its wrong in EVERY situation either. You should know yourself, your motives, and your beliefs before making this kind of decision. I believe god gave us free-will for a reason.

Age: 28
Location: USA, Tennessee
Ethnicity: Northern European
Religion: New Age/Spiritual